Replacing nano-emulsions with a pharma-grade delivery system to Unlock a safer, more efficient edibles experience

edible consumers can now experience cANNABIS AS INTENDED

A better option for edibles manufacturers...

The first ever data-backed, novel cannabis delivery system using only two ingredients – cannabis and protein. Unlokt protects the cannabis and carries the cannabinoids into the body, allowing ingested cannabinoids to bypass first pass metabolism, and enter the body’s systemic circulation directly. This results in faster onset and elevated levels of delta-9 in circulation, while maintaining the full cannabis profile for a cannabis derived user experience, superior to any other edible experience currently on the market.

Unlokt solves for the emulsion hurdles, and allows for safe ingestion of cannabis on a pharmaceutical level that has yet to be seen in the industry.

Our Novel Protein Delivery System for Infused Edibles is

Revolutionizing Cannabis Consumption


5X Greater Bioavailability

than traditional infusion methods


8x Faster Onset

than conventional edibles


25X Loading Capacity

tailored to specific potencies and form factors



no harmful chemicals

Seamless integration

With no cap-ex expenditures, you’re able to enjoy the world’s leading delivery system. Our wholistic approach includes support from manufacturing, integration, marketing and sales to access to our fully equipped pharmaceutical lab in Israel.

Reimagining cannabis offerings

DTL's Comprehensive Innovation and R&D Capabilities

More than an ingredient manufacturer

Making a global presence in the market

Cleaner & advanced results yielding a superior product

Enter the market early for optimal success

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