Pharma-grade precision and predictability

Day Three Labs (DTL) is a cannabinoid CPG ingredient manufacturer specializing in the research, development and commercialization of novel cannabis product solutions.

An international company with headquarters in Denver and a pharmaceutical research lab in Israel, DTL reimagines existing cannabis offerings with pharmaceutical-grade technology and innovation like Unlokt™ and offers consulting services to help brands and manufacturers bring better, cleaner, more precise and predictable products to market. Unlokt is enhancing lives through cannabis innovation and disrupting the way edibles are developed, delivered and consumed, quickly replacing emulsion-based systems used today by edibles manufacturers across the industry.

With a team of top scientists, DTL has created a new pathway for global cannabis research and drug development and is poised to deliver the first ingestible cannabinoid remedy for Parkinson’s with Unlokt.


Our goal

Empower you to create the future of cannabis with advanced pharmaceutical technologies for uncompromising quality and profitability.

From concept to conception


  • Unlokt was developed in a pharmaceutical lab in Israel


  • Day Three Labs acquires the technology


  • Day Three Labs embarks on groundbreaking research into the remedy of Parkinson’s disease utilizing Unlokt as the delivery system
  • Olio launches first ever Unlokt gummy in Colorado
  • The People’s Ecosystem launch first edible in California powered by Unlokt
  • Leading CBD manufacturer OBX partners with Day Three Labs


  • Industry innovators 1906 sign partnership with Day Three Labs
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