World’s first novel delivery system with 5X higher bioavailability

Superior tech. Not an emuslsion

Unlokt is comprised of ~50% cannabis + ~50% natural protein while leading emulsions only have ~5% cannabis and ~95% unwanted chemicals.

8X faster​

Faster precision and predictability pharmaceutical-grade precise doses of cannabinoids and terpenes delivered in the desired ratios for a consistent and controlled experience that is up to 8x faster than traditional edibles.

Terpenes and cannabinoids mirrored

Unlokt is a game-changing technology for cannabis consumers seeking a pure and strain-specific experience. Unlike other technologies, Unlokt preserves the delicate balance of terpenes and cannabinoids as confirmed by third-party testing. This allows for direct incorporation into the body’s circulation, while other technologies destroy these compounds in the stomach and metabolize them into 11hydroxy.

D9 High

The appearance of ~8X the parent molecule vs. the metabolites shows that the high is a delta-9 high curated only by the cannabis vs. the 11Hydroxy metabolite. “Smoking-like high”

The Unlokt Difference

Data backed safety

Cell viability assay, measuring the potential toxicity assessing safety in edible ingredients shows it’s safer to consume high doses of Unlokt cannabis versus any other form of ingesting cannabis.

While the potential toxicity of cannabis-infused edibles is a concern, ingredients from leading competitors show a range of negative effects on cell viability, with some reducing the percentage of live cells by up to 30%. This suggests that these products may be toxic to cells and may have negative health side effects.


Based on a PK study of sub-lingual delivery, THC Unlokt starts to absorb the moment it touches the mouth, and is not absorbed through the gut, thus bypassing first pass metabolism, appearing in the bloodstream extremely quickly, resulting in 300% more bioavailability than traditional edibles.


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Unlokt Edibles

Nano-Emulsified Edibles

Source: TBD

Seamless integration

With no cap-ex involved, Day Three Labs will provide Unlokt™ as a versatile ready to use ingredient for a seamless integration.

25X loading capacity

Up to 25X greater loading capacity for Unlokt powder

Unlokt can be tailored to specific payload and potency, ranging anywhere from 10-50% to fit a wide range of form factors and doses.


Fully Homogeneous

In a single blinded user experience report performed in a pharmaceutical lab, Unlokt is consistently homogeneous in appearance.

Near tasteless

Single blinded user experience report performed shows that Unlokt is near tasteless.

DTL’s international team of scientists will work directly with you on how to incorporate the Unlokt input, while eliminating unwanted chemicals, emulsifiers and masking agents, resulting in a cleaner and leaner SOP. Offered in both vegan and non-vegan, Unlokt™ is input agnostic, from full spectrum to isolate.

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