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Third party consumer feedback of Unlokt gummies

Oneness OS® is a platform for product design geniuses to exercise the fullest potential of their creativity by leveraging any type of hemp or cannabis extract. 

In 2020, Levia came to Oneness with a vision for a new cannabis beverage that had never existed before, a beverage that offered consumers a full-body high experience just like smoking the flower. Levia had conducted R&D on every other cannabis solubility technology, but none provided an authentic full-spectrum experience, which left the products feeling flat and artificial.

“…92% of consumers reported little to no aftertaste.…”

We pride ourselves in delivering the ultimate edibles experience.

“85% rated the experience as better than other edible experiences. ...”

Our products have consistently rated higher in appearance, flavor, peak feeling, and effect, setting us apart as the leader in the fast-acting edibles market. Experience the difference for yourself, with edibles powered by Unlokt.

Unlokt is disrupting the way edibles are developed, delivered and consumed.

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