Unlokt (TM)

World’s first novel delivery system with 300% higher bioavailability

100% solubility. 24+ month stability. 5 minute onset

Your imagination is your only limit.

Oneness OS® is a platform for product design geniuses to exercise the fullest potential of their creativity by leveraging any type of hemp or cannabis extract. 

The Unlokt Difference

Whole Flower

Achieve a blissful cannabis beverage or edible experience previously only possible by smoking cannabis.

100% Solubilization

Create products that allow complete solubilization.

Most Profitability

Create the most profitable products in the market.

Flexible Platform

Easily integrate into your business without additional equipment.

24+ Month Stability

Create products that allow complete solubilization.

Crystal Clear

Smaller particle size for product aesthetics and fast absorption.

Gut Permeability

Products that easily pass through the membrane wall to enhance your customer’s experience.

Innovative Products

Create an endless list of innovative products for different applications.

5 Minute Onset

Your customers will experience rapid onset with potent effects.

Superior tech

Not an Emulsion

Lab study shows safety of Unlokt through cell viability. (need more scientific language from Jeremy)
Insert chart from Shimon.

great taste, no filler
50% cannabis 50% all natural protein vs. ~5% cannabis, ~95% fillers in leading emulsions
(we need to create an image for this that flows with the structure and doesn’t take away / overpower) .


Based on a PK study of sub-lingual delivery, THC Unlokt starts to absorb the moment it touches the mouth, and is not absorbed through the gut, thus bypassing first pass metabolism, appearing in the bloodstream extremely quickly, resulting in 300% more bioavailability than traditional edibles.

Unlokt edibles
Traditional edibles

Source: BioLink Lifesciences, NC

Seamless integration

With no cap-ex involved, Day Three Labs will provide Unlokt™ as a versatile ready to use ingredient for a seamless

No cap-ex

No kits

No ______

DTL’s international team of scientists will work directly with you on how to incorporate the Unlokt input, while eliminating unwanted chemicals, emulsifiers and masking agents, resulting in a cleaner and leaner SOP.
Offered in both vegan and non-vegan, Unlokt™ is input agnostic, from full spectrum to isolate.

Elevating the industry together

Create superior, safe, data-backed edibles that deliver the desired effect on demand, each and every time.

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